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Caliber Magazine | April 17, 2014

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“Increase Diversity” Themed Bake Sale Sparks Campus Response

by on Sep, 23 2011

“Increase Diversity” Themed Bake Sale Sparks Campus Response

UC Berkeley’s College Republicans (BCR) have planned a bake sale for next week in response to the campus phone-banking in support of SB 185 that is to occur Tuesday. The current incarnation of the event refers to a “satirical version of this event” that has been removed from the event and is now just a link in the event. The current event can be found here, while the original event description is linked here.

The original event stated that prices for the bake sale will be based on the race of the the buyer in hopes of serving as a parallel to the current affirmative action senate bills in the California legislature. According to BCR President Shawn Lewis, the event is specifically in response to a planned phone bank event to contact Governor Jerry Brown in support of SB 185 and 397. That phone bank event can be found here.

Outcry on the event page has been widespread, with posts decrying the event as racist, while others are defending the premise. Before clarification was posted, many questioned if the event was even satirical.

According to the BCR the event will consist of an actual physical bake sale, although Lewis says “The event is certainly satirical in the pricing structure associated to races.”

ASUC Senator Justin Sayarath stated his disapproval with the event and deemed it offensive in nature. “It trivializes and mocks the struggles that students in our very own Cal community face every single day,” Sayarath says. ASUC senators plan to meet later today to discuss this issue.

Many critics, including ASUC senate members, claim the event’s nature is harmful for campus climate. However, Lewis believes there is a meaningful purpose to the event. “The event is meant to arouse emotions and encourage students to think more critically about the deeper consequences of considering race in the admissions process,” Lewis says.

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