Which Gaming Monitor Is Good for you? (144hz Vs 120hz)

If you are into gaming industry and have been playing different types of games on your gaming consoles, then you should probably be aware about the types of PCs and Monitors and other required equipment to build up your own computer PC. If you are looking for a new and best gaming monitor and could not decide to choose between 144hz and 120 hz, your queries will be resolved from here!

You might be wondering about what are the differences between these two PCs. In fact, in many forum websites, most of the PC users have asked the same questions who are looking for a new gaming monitor to purchase to improve their gaming experience.

Well, there’s nothing special between the 144hz and 120 hz monitor and you may not notice any differences in between these two monitor if you are not from a technical side. However, since you are going to spend your money on a new system, you should know about the features of these monitor before making up your choice on one.

Apparently, the 144hz monitor is a bit smoother than the 120hz monitor and that’s the only major noticeable difference available in these monitors. So with 144hz monitor you would get a new image in 7th millisecond and  with 120hz monitor you would get a new image in 8th millisecond, so there is no much differences between these two.

When it comes to pricing, 120hz is a bit more cheaper than the 140hz monitor. So if you are already using the 120hz monitor, you may not want to spend extra bucks on a 140hz monitor as there is no any major differences between the two. There are some of the best 144hz monitor available in the market and you can explore them very well before making up your choice.

If you are a complete fresher and looking for a new PC system to assemble to play a variety of games on it, make sure to go with the 144hz as it will handle up everything and being the advance monitor, it will give you more power and smoothness to get you the best gaming experience at your end.

There are a variety of 144hz Monitors available in the technology market and to choose the best 144hz Monitor, you have to search for well. The 144hz Monitors have different qualities and pricing as their manufacturers are different. There are a number of manufacturers available who offer different types of 144hz Monitors, low-end 144hz Monitor, mid-end 144hz Monitor and high-end 144hz Monitor.

You can explore best of the 144hz and the latest Gaming Monitors which are given there and you can explore each one of them easily. Since there is no any major differences between the 120hz and 144hz Monitor, when it comes to upgradation, you should get the 144hz Monitor instead of getting the older 120hz Monitor.

If you are going to purchase the gaming monitor for the first time, then you should get the latest one with 144hz. With 144hz Monitor, you would get good User Interface of the fast paced games and the differences can be noticeable by you when you start exploring your favourite games on a 144hz Monitor.

When it comes to buy a new Gaming Monitor, there are manufacturers available who offer 144hz Monitors from different ranges. You can get the low-end Monitor, mid-end Monitor and high-end Monitor as per your choices. And interestingly, the manufactuers have all types of 144hz monitors for you to create your own gaming world to explore the best of games on it.

Asus, Acer, BenQ, AOC, ViewSonic and many other giants are available in the industry with their respective PC Monitors which offer the best gaming experience for the professional gamers. These monitors are designed for the professional gamers and other people who work on the computers. The list of monitors is very huge and you can go with the one which is most suitable for you. Every monitor has different features and specifications and for that reason, you should check the features and specifications of the Monitor which you like to purchase.

In a nutshell, when it comes to buy a new Gaming Monitor, we recommend you to kindly go with the 144hz which is the advanced one in the industry. If you are already using the 120hz Monitor, then you should not spend money on 144hz just because of an upgrade. You can handle all the games and its requirements with 120hz Monitor very well as there is no major differences between these two. However, 144hz Monitor is the fresh edition and it gets you the best of gaming experience at your end.