IOS 11.3 Released- Everything You Need To Know

If you own an IOS device and are looking for an app that can get you some free entertainment, make it a point to check Movie Box for IOS 11. The application is officially available for all the variants of IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and now also for the latest iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus as well. With over 8 million users daily using the app, it has been rightly awarded the number one application that can stream the latest as well as classic TV shows and movies.

The updated version of the application has much more to offer than what you can ask for. 5 new international servers, User Interface that is completely new and easy to use, choice of setting video quality are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Movie Box for 2018.
Features of Movie Box for 2018

The latest version of Movie Box is now available for the download to the users and it is better than the best! We discuss some of the outstanding features of the application here.

  • Wide array of content

The number one application for IOS users has a library that has a wide array of content. The viewers can choose their favorite content from more than 70,000 movies and 16,000 TV shows, plus the music videos. And whether you are a fan of classics or are obsessed with the latest, you will get everything here at Movie Box.

  • Ultra fast streaming

The new version of the application for the year 2018 is now available to the general public and is faster than ever before. The ultra fast streaming feature allows the viewers to stream their favorite content in no time at all. Forget those days of endless buffering and frustrating streaming speeds.

  • IOS 11 compatibility

The Movie Box application is now compatible with the latest IOS 11. So update your IOS device and enjoy the updated version of the app with all the latest features.

  • 4K support

You can now enjoy your favorite content in excellent picture quality. The application has 4K support for a few selected movies and shows. But this will increase in number with the passage of time.


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