Get Out: A horror comedy turned on its head

“Get Out” may become one of the best films ever made dealing with current issues that the country is facing. The film directed by Jordan Peele turns the political conversation of racism and African-American into a massive horror thriller flick. The film has received praise from millions of people.

The film blew up in the box office and shot up to the No. 1 film during its release. It delivered a giant leap forward for the African American community in terms of the film industry. The film was originally dreamed up during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries. The film focuses on the racism that is hidden underneath a white liberal family and is told through the story of a young African American who is visiting his white girlfriend Rose. The film reveals down the road that, the rich White family is kidnapping and brainwashing African-Americans into forced servitude.

Chris, Rose’s boyfriend attempts to make conversation with the only other black man in the area but is shot down as the man has lost all cultural ties to him. “Get Out” allows viewers to hope for the best when it comes to Rose and Chris’ relationship. We start to hope that Rose will stand up for Chris. As the film progresses, we begin to realize the true nature of Rose and what she stands for. The film has become a deep study of society.

The film which had a $4.5 million budget turned into a massive $250 million dollar gain worldwide. While the film may take a deep look into the experience of African Americans, it still has comedic moments throughout the film. Chris experiences some funny phone conversations which lessen the tension in the film. Most fans coming in were expecting the film to be a comedy, because of Peele’s comedic background. It’s become an edgy film while maintaining its comedic roots. Both horror and comedy provoke a physical reaction from viewers alike. Chris is eventually thrown into a big family picnic, where he is surrounded by all white people, except for a single Asian and one black man. Chris gets uncomfortable as the family’s friend begins to pepper him with questions.

Get Out is definitely a movie worth watching, even if comedy-horror films are not your style. It’s a film that gives the viewers a look into how Peele interprets the reality of the African American community’s experience in this country over the years. This is definitely one of Jordan Peele’s greatest works even including his comedy. It is a movie that will be relevant for years to come. It is a film that is not afraid to tackle the social issues, many feel too nervous to discuss. This film has probably made Jordan Peele one of the best directors in the past few years, he was not afraid to tackle a controversial subject and managed to frame in such a way that people were able to laugh but also look into the issues for themselves. Jordan Peele should be praised for his masterpiece Get Out.

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