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Caliber Magazine | April 23, 2014

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Secrets Revealed: The Vegan Brownie

by on Sep, 15 2011

Secrets Revealed: The Vegan Brownie

Did the word “yuck” just pop into your head? How about “gross”? “Never in a million stats 21 classes!”?

Just yesterday morning, I would have expressed exactly the same sentiments. Until lunchtime, that is, when I walked into the Berkeley Student Food Collective and experienced the most amazing chocolate euphoria.

Waiting in the top left corner of the dessert cabinet, the vegan brownie lay in disguise. At first glance, all I could see was the humongous, extra-dark chocolate rectangle. It was all-consuming in its perfection, clouding my vision and cruelly tempting my taste buds to no end. Alas, obeying my newly-discovered self control, I slowly backed away from the fat. Then, I noticed the label: Vegan Brownie. Its appeal instantly dropped. But hey, I figured, that makes it healthy, right? And even a gross vegan brownie should satisfy at least a fraction of my sweet tooth’s needs. Rationalizing that this was now a nutritious food choice, I bought the nasty vegan dessert.

Never again shall I bash a vegan delicacy.

Searching for the secret to extra gooey, perfectly squishy soft brownies? Your quest ends here. Who knew that getting rid of the eggs, milk, and butter would make such a treat taste even better? Not me, that’s for sure. Consider the myth that only fat can equal flavorful officially disproved.

Imported locally from heavenly Nabolom Bakery up on College Avenue, these delectable desserts leave you feeling guiltless, footloose and fancy-free. All the problems in the world fade away for the duration of this brownie. For a solid thirty or so minutes (the five to seven minutes it takes to savor the generously sized brownie, and then the twenty-plus of the incredible afterglow), everything is perfect.


YUM. The vegans know what’s up

I honestly prefer this brownie to regular ones by a factor of 1,458,792 to one. This brownie has inspired me not only to try other vegan desserts, but to stay open-minded about everything in life, don’t diss it ’til you kiss it! (That was strictly for rhyming purposes, you get the point.) Honestly, if the leaders of the free world all got together and ate vegan brownies, I am convinced that world peace would soon ensue. Never underestimate the power of good food.

(Note: I am aware that my descriptions make this brownie sound a little extra “special,” but I promise that in this case, vegan is meant only in the dietary sense of the word)

PERK: Not only will your taste buds love you forever, but so will your butt, tummy, thighs, and any other area that usually dreads your dessert-y indulgences. Check out the nutrition facts! Everything about this brownie is miraculous, and all I have to say is thank the god of all-that-is-tasty for vegans!



Credit given where credit is due: The Food Collective, which opened last year on Bancroft, is home to many yummy, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food items. It’s affordable, conveniently located, and waiting for you to go check it out!

Nutrition facts borrowed from:


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  2. ksziraczky

    Nabolom Bakery is credited in the article :)

  3. veganyum

    the brownie is from Nabolom Bakery and it is not only vegan, but gluten free!

  4. anon

    You did that brownie justice! Yumyumyum!

  5. Jo

    Now I really want to try it! :D

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