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Caliber Magazine | April 17, 2014

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It’s Student Rally Season… Again

by on Sep, 22 2010

It’s Student Rally Season… Again

This poster you’ve seen around. In classic black and white, though, since we poor students can’t afford color copies, let alone public education.

At first glance, you might have thought it was a flyer promoting the info session for a new feminist club on campus, but you’d be wrong:

Here’s what UC Berkeley’s Budget Crisis page has to say about our upcoming Day of Action:

“On the Berkeley campus, at the very minimum, there will be a rally at noon on Sproul Plaza on that day. Student financial and educational stress, worker and staff financial and workload stress, student fees (which, according to rumor, the Regents may raise again, perhaps as much as 15%), undermining of the intellectual community (online teaching being a part of this), the break-up of the public sphere and disregard for the public good, etc. will be among the themes. The problems of last year remain (or perhaps have worsened). Hopefully, we will all enjoy a wonderful semester in our classrooms and our research and/or writing desks, regardless.”

October 7 is the date, 12 pm is the time. Excited? Exhausted? I hear there are midterms that Thursday, so with fingers crossed (or not) we could witness Wheeler Hall Occupation: Part II.

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