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Caliber Magazine | April 19, 2014

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Berkeley Bucket List

by on Feb, 21 2011

Berkeley Bucket List

A couple days ago I got this text message from my best friend: “Just made my first contribution to bathroom stall writing!!!”

I immediately responded and asked what she wrote and what made her respond to that particular “bathroom thread.” She replied “only cuz I haaaad to write on a stall before I graduated!” I was super excited for her that she had contributed to stall art, and I soon realized that the reason I was so stoked for her was because writing on the stall walls was on my college to-do list as well.

Approaching my senior year (woah) I find myself repeating the phrase “AH! we HAVE to do that by the time to graduate” with friends and making ridiculous amount of to-do lists for the day, week, and even semester (I am a compulsive list maker). Clearly, while I am feeling the need to study for my midterms (kind of), I am simultaneously feeling the need to get a head start on my “Berkeley To-Do list.”

I soon realized that while my to-do lists are filled with petty boring activities, run in the morning, laundry, return library book, club meeting at 8 etc., I have comprised sort of a cliché yet intriguing list of things that I secretly, and now publicly, want to accomplish by the time I graduate in about 15 months. Don’t judge….you know you want to do some of these things as well:

1. Write on a bathroom wall: I’ve got my eye on the grout writers in Moffitt. And maybe some advice for the girl who wrote on the stall in Evans.

2. (at least) Witness the naked run during finals: …or….even participate??

3. Get down and dirty in Mainstacks: you know you fantasize about it too

4, Hook up with a GSI/professor (after the final of course!): kinky, cliché maybe, but so movie-esque!

5. Adopt a Berkeley squirrel as my pet: I have my eye on the one who lives at Free Speech Movement café, friendly little fellow. After all, Berkeley is notorious for its squirrels.

Ridiculous to some, yes; inappropriate to myself and others, maybe; some impractical, probably…but hey….I am a stickler at following up on my to-do lists, checking off that bullet point is extremely fulfilling. I’ll check in 15 months from now, hopefully with some success!

(Confession: items 2-4, most likely just a fantasy)

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  1. kj

    Is that all? This is all I should aspire to before I graduate from Cal. Please.

    Come up with a more comprehensive list then post it here.

  2. Jessica E.

    Lovely photo!

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