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Caliber Magazine | April 24, 2014

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8 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

by on Jun, 21 2012

8 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

The naked human body is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, we spend so much of our time clothed and covered up that we’re unused to what our own bodies look like au naturale. What a shame it is to neglect your own naked glory. Good thing we all have about eight hours of our day (or for some of you more studious Golden Bears: 2-4 hours) to spare for being completely nude – it’s called sleep. If you can’t take some time out of your day to take a look at your birthday suit in the mirror, then try sleeping naked. It’s really not as awkward and dirty as it sounds; it’s healthy for you. It’s your body, and getting in tune with your (naked) self is an important component for eternal happiness.

Summer sun setting over two green houses.


With the scorching season of summer out to bake each and every household on the face of the earth, sleeping in the oven that is your blankets and your pajamas just gets to be too much. Cheat the heat and free yourself from the layers on your bed and the layers on your skin. It might feel strange to you at first, but it’ll be worth it when you’re falling asleep feeling cooler than before.

Silver faucet with water flowing.


As Cal students, we’re always doing our best to keep it green, and this is just another little tip that’ll help you do your part. If you go to bed for a week without your PJs, thats a few items of clothing you don’t need to wash anymore. Save your PJs, save water, save the world. This one’s a bit of a stretch, but… hey, anything to save the world, right?


For all of you shifty sleepers, clothing always tends to bunch up in uncomfortable ways that leave you constantly pulling at them to get everything back in place. Skip all of that hassle and just ditch the PJs for the night. Plus, you’ll get to feel the full softness and comfort of your blankets in a way you’ve never felt them before.


Set aside your thoughts of how gross the Naked Run is and you have to admit: it’s all kinds of awesome. How often can you unleash your junk for the public? The answer is once every semester during finals week. If you want to be a true Golden Bear and participate in one of the campus’s most unique traditions, then you better get ready. You don’t want to go into the Naked Run self-conscious and nervous about how you look. You want to be the most badass naked runner in the troupe. How do you do that? Get used to your bare body. Start sleeping naked, and get one step closer to being the best bare bear in the Stacks.

Blue measuring tape for fitting clothes.


There are all kinds of different clothing items out there that can alter your appearance dramatically; clothes that squeeze you, lift you, hide you, enlarge you. Once you take it all off, you may realize that the little tricks you’re pulling everyday not only fool your friends, but your own eyes too. Realizing the true size of your body will keep you in check, and no one should be more familiar with your body than yourself.


It’s absolutely liberating to take your clothes off at the end of the day. Undergarments can get too restricting when they’re on too long, so getting into the nude before getting into bed lets every surface of your body breath. Showering or bathing shouldn’t be the only time you get to spend with yourself naked. Spend the night with yourself in the raw and you’ll find just how relaxing it is to have nothing on.

Hands in the air forming the shape of a heart.


Since you’re already naked… might as well.


Bodily flaws are in the eye of the beholder, and since we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than others, chances are no one else considers what you have is a flaw. If you have something like a birthmark on a part of you that you can’t see without a mirror like your neck or your back, or something unique that’s always hidden by your clothes, then it’s difficult for you to get used to how your whole body looks together. It’s also unfair to your self-perception and your self-confidence when you can’t consider parts of your body as normal and beautiful. Start sleeping naked whenever you can and you’ll slowly accept every mark on the body you were born into. People always say to “love the skin you’re in,” so get down to it and embrace your sexy self— your naked sexy self that is.


After getting into and out of bed naked, you’ll slowly become more open to the idea of conducting the rest of your day undressed as well. And by the rest of your day, I mean the rest that’s spent indoors. Try cleaning your room naked. Study naked. Dance naked. Exercise naked. Hell, even eat naked (with caution).The more living you do naked, the happier you’ll be with your own body, and we all know how important it is to achieve that these days.

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Jennifer Wong
  • On 21, Jun 2012
  • I'm that girl that takes everyone's flyers on Sproul and doesn't jaywalk.


  1. Jose Castro

    I ssleep the same way as well

  2. Jeff

    I started sleeping naked almost 15 years ago. When my left for college it was just my and I at the house. In the evening, just to relax, I would take off my clothes. Then one night I just went to bed naked. It was different so I was a little uncomfortable at first. Very soon it became so comfortable that I would never put clothes on to sleep in. Even if I lived in a cold weather state I would add a blanket rathan put on clothes. When I visit family I sleep naked. I have clothes close by in case I need to use the restroom of course. I’m always naked in a hotel room. My wife decided to try it too and she now sleeps naked. It’s so much more comfortable I wish I would have started long ago.

  3. Thatbosschick

    I’m trying to do it right now

  4. Thatbosschick

    I don’t know if I should do it but I agree

  5. I absolutely agree with all 8 reasons and the 9th reason and perhaps even biggest one is that it feels so much better.

  6. chauffeur y8rhr y8r r hhrwhrw rugger hungry huwhwhwr fuehrer fervor whitehead gfvvhf

  7. i love blue film can you send me one in my email address

  8. Jack

    Wet dreams could be a problem.

  9. Our God is both Female & Male.
    Where do you think we came from?
    Adam and Eve were made from dirt, this I know.
    We were generated thru Adam and Eve. Coming together with an explosion. (called an orgasmic climax)

  10. Sex, is what makes the world go around, and it all came out of the grand “womb” of the Universe (spirit)


  11. Your only as sexless as you think you are, at any age from 13 to 130
    Abrahams wife Sarah gave birth to Issac at 90, and we are the children of Abraham.


  12. I live on 2.3 acres fenced in and surounded by trees with a pond. I spend as much time as I can in the nude, My wife has a verygood body at 75 as she did at age 16, but ashamed of it, it seems. The only tiime herlothes are off is when she takes a shower and the bathroom doors are closed. with only me in the house.
    I don’t get it, and haven’t for 55-60 years.


  13. God, did not make clothes,He was not ashamed of His handy work. How is it we are ashamed of gods work,I think if we to take a better look at our nude bodies,we might take a little better care of them, You must learn to appeal to youself in the nude, and not all covered up. Enjoy what God gasve us and not cover it up with what we have made. Gods creation is kept out of sight, unless you love what you have made to cover it, and not, Gods creation.

  14. Wyatt

    This is a fantastic habit I have formed. Although I’ve been keeping it a secret from everyone. It’s so freakin comfortable. However, I have to be more careful because my bedroom door doesn’t even have a lock. Still, it’s great. And it’s a good thing I jerk off so I won’t have wet dreams (still going through puberty) and cause a huge mess on my sheets.

  15. Jeff

    I hang out at home totally nude. (If no one is around.) It is so comfortable. I also sleep nude. When I first started sleeping nude my wife wondered what the heck I was doing. After a while she started sleeping naked and loves it.

    • Kaipo

      I am not a nudist but do enjoy being naked around the house it’s a feeling of freedom, and being comfortable in your own skin. I tan totally nude in my back yard and love it.

  16. Brandon

    I am doing step 8 right now.It is awesome

  17. Brandon

    I probably will love sleeping and doing other stuff naked.I do it a lot.

  18. me to

  19. Kristjan

    I always sleep fully clothed but none of them are external clothes.

  20. it’s a great feeling to be out of clothes prison ,try once you will not stop

    • Brandon

      Clothes are so uncomfertable.There totaly like prison!

  21. it’s great feeling to be out of clothes prison ,try once ,you never stop.

  22. I love sleeping naked… but honestly i dont wanna get too exposed like doing a naked run.

    Sometimes you have to face the fact that this is our personal bodies and for some “perverts” out there shouldn’t see it. if you ppl know wht i mean

    • Kik

      U think that I love BEIN naked its comfy thought not further than 1 room

  23. Paul

    I’m naked in bed right now. It’s the best feeling.

    • Alli

      Me 2. It feels so good. 3erd time doing it

      • how old are you Alli? i think you still young, forty years ago i start sleep nude,exercising nude,stay at home nude, infarct i’m nudism ,it’s easy to do that
        because i live alone ,some of my friend are the same ,so no problem if we are together.
        in fact one of the benefits is trying always to be in good shape ,when you look in the mirror naked enjoying your shredded body it gives you a bush to keep training ,to be in shape it’s also good for health,now i’m over 60 my friends always say i’m look younger ‘my fellow enjoy looking to your naked body and to keep it in shape it’ a gift
        from God.

    • Jose Castro

      do you love being that way?

  24. The main reason why I sleep naked is that Im more comfortable. I slleep better.

  25. CNBeast17

    I’m In bed naked right now, and it feels great.

  26. Bobby

    I think sleeping naked is great because your body can air out, your junk can just hang there , it. Feels great and its relaxing.

    • Rob

      I agree completely

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