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Caliber Magazine | April 24, 2014

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15 Creative Uses for Peanut Butter

by on Jun, 27 2010

15 Creative Uses for Peanut Butter

By Fiona Hannigan and Robert Luan

Ever have a Costco-sized jar of peanut butter and just not know what to do with it? Or maybe you have some leftover spoonfuls you need to use up.

Creamy, chunky, organic, or Skippy, here are some interesting ways you can use peanut butter, especially if you are bored.
1. Make a sandwich. Like Lady Gaga.

2. Eat a spoonful. I know, it’s what you’ve always wanted to do.

3. Put some on a chocolate bar! Kind of like an inside-out Reese’s.

4. Make peanut butter S’mores. Microwave marshmallow on a graham cracker. Spread PB on another cracker, then combine with chocolate and the other half.

5. Add it to an Oreo! This is actually delicious.

6. Flick a spoonful of PB at your floormate, who is currently singing a German children’s song in your ear.

7. Ensue Peanut Butter Fight.

8. Use the PB as a chaser. After all that food and fightin’ you’ll need a drink (21 and over only!).

9. Have a person to get hot ‘n’ heavy with? Use PB in creative ways with your lover. Think of all the orifices!

10. Try peanut butter and apples! It is an excellent study or summer snack.

11. Play a prank on your roommate who constantly sexiles you. Spread PB on their desk!
12. Make a birdfeeder snack! Lay out seeds with peanut butter and cranberries outside, and have some good ol’ birdwatchin’ time.

13. Feed peanut butter to a dog or other pet. Then film your pet and dub a voiceover later. It will look like they are talking! That’s what they did for Mr. Ed (this tip is not actually recommended).

14. Make peanut butter art! Little peanut butter men. Everyone will think you’re crazy.

…And when you’re absolutely fed up with peanut butter:

15. Write a song about peanut butter. Probably by now it will be about much you hate it.

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